A collection of projects that I work on during my leisure time to keep my frontend and backend development skills up-to-date.

My Games

Bible Book Master
Do you know the 66 books of the Bible in order?

☝ Palabra Prohibida
SPANISH ONLY: Este es un juego que consiste en formar 2 equipos y es muy similar a juego de mesa "TabĂș".

Triangle Solitaire
Play the peg game, Triangle Solitaire.

My Online Tools

Big It!
Make any text as large as possible on the screen.

Encrypt and decrypt messages instantaneously using an uncracked encryption method that I created.

Data URL Image Generator
Turn an image into a base 64 JPEG or PNG data URL to be able to use on your web site. Use the settings to control the quality of the produced image.

Emoji Search
Instantly search through hundreds of emojis to find the one you're looking for.

Thumbnail Maker
Turn any image into a thumbnail on the fly.

Word Pictures
Make a picture that is worth a thousand words!

Development Tools

CSS - Cursor Types
A list of different cursor types that exist in CSS.

My Other Sites

Chris West's Blog
JavaScript, math and much more.

Ciphly - Top Programming Resources
The top programming sites on the web as reported by you guys, the developers.

Design and download your own custom JavaScript utility library.